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Métropole is working on installing a temporary leisure space

Prelude to the development of the future Place Max Rouquette in Les Arceaux, on which work will begin in 2024, Métropole has, since May 9, 2023, begun work on the installation of a temporary leisure space located at the foot of Saint-Clement, between the Staircase Perroux and the forecourt of the Chaptal and Joan of Arc schools.

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This space will host an exhibition about the history of the place and the Place Max Rouquette beautification project in order to inform the public about upcoming development work. Green planters will be placed along the existing alleyway of the Peru Stairs extension in order to beautify the buildings and protect this new pedestrian open space. An ephemeral mural between the Peyrou staircase and the school’s forecourt will be created on the grounds by artist FZR Sethi. Playful wooden equipment, built jointly with schools, will be installed in order to allow children the first form to reallocate these spaces. During the summer of 2023 and until the start of work scheduled for 2024, the site will also be able to host a series of events related to the life of the region.

This temporary entertaining space about a moment of conviviality is scheduled to open in the summer of 2023.

Car park operation during business

To allow this installation, the Arceaux car park was reduced from 200 to 130 spaces. To do this, the 132 existing Arceaux car park subscribers were invited to park from now on in the Pitot-Arceaux car park located 300 meters away. As promised by Michaël Delafosse during the general meeting on October 5, this conversion is being carried out at a fixed cost to subscribers. Until the start of development work on the square, scheduled for 2024, access to the Arceaux car park will be preserved for occasional users.

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Set Max Rouquette in the year 2025 – a picture with a non-contractual intent