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A game to better understand climate issues

A game to better understand climate issues

In the form of a serious game the context of climate issues is developed. Participants had to play different characters to try to understand the issues better.

“We call it a serious game, it feels like a typical game that we tend to play, like a board game with family or friends, but the point of a serious game is that I am above all not to entertain, so we will want for example to involve actors around an angel, we will want to educate them And inform them. We also often see them in civil security contexts where we want to train professionals in real situations. It’s more or less the same context, but in this case, we want to raise awareness of the adaptation of coastal risks in the context of climate change,” explains designer, Adrian Sire.

For a designer, the goal is very simple.

“It’s another way to deal with topics that are often complex. Instead of delving into witty presentations, we try to use the most engaging tools.”

This year, CIRADD created Science and Innovation Week with the goal of making his work easier to understand.

“This year we wanted to improve. We specifically aim to carry out more and more outreach activities, trainings on science or topics related to sustainable development, climate change, and the vitality of the territory. We try to make it more dynamic so that people know the work we do at CIRAD. We We do applied research, but not everyone is necessarily aware of it. Through these activities, we believe that people will understand what we can bring to the development of research communities,” notes CIRADD researcher Esteban Figueroa.

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For serious games, it is an activity described as essential in Gaspésie.

“Of course, this is an issue that we are talking about more and more, and it affects us a lot and we still have to think about land use planning because we have decided to settle along the coast, which means that there are certainly issues of transfer of ownership as we often have to address various measures to protect Banks.Through the game, it is a way to impart knowledge about the different possible solutions,” says Ms. Sayer.

The first edition of Science and Innovation Week will conclude on Friday evening with activity in cooperation with the International Journalism Festival.