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Menstrual disorders after the Covid vaccination: 'Women have questions, our role is to answer them'

Menstrual disorders after the Covid vaccination: ‘Women have questions, our role is to answer them’

A young woman describes periods that lasted nearly a month. Another, bleeds “ten times more”. Mother, pain in the lower abdomen so pronounced that she had the impression that she was reborn. On social networks, they are grouped under the keyword “Where is my period?”, Correspondence testimonials menstrual disorders After receiving Pfizer or Moderna vaccine Against Covid-19 it rains. It complements and/or adds to the approximately 11,000 declarations of this type already registered “officially” by the pharmacovigilance centers in France. In these, most medically reported events are “non-serious” and reversible.

Very prolonged bleeding or, conversely, absent for several months, pelvic and abdominal pain, symptomatic reactivation Endometrial… a serum effect or reaction (a reaction like fever or nausea caused by a vaccination that can affect hormones), what’s going on? Currently, the European Medicines Agency’s Pharmacovigilance Committee has not been able to establish a link between RNA vaccines and the various anomalies observed, but Christelle Ratinier-Carbonnel, Director General of France’s Medicines Agency (ANSM), does not. Admits defeat – retreats.

“Keep on investigating to understand what’s going on.”

This has just brought together patient associations, groups, gynecological or midwife colleges, etc. It is published this Thursday series of tips. She assures us: “There is an interest in women, which must be taken into account and not left alone in the face of the problems they feel.”

Indeed, by raising the awareness of health professionals and giving them the actions to take. but also by encouraging those involved to announce themselves systematically custom websiteTo document and analyze their symptoms. “This call for announcements is necessary,” continues the ANSM chief. “We must continue to investigate to understand what is happening.” Certainly 11,000 cases out of the 58 million vaccinated, that might sound low, “but when you are one of those involved, it matters,” she remembers. They better understand the way forward and also not steer women toward vaccination, where the benefits remain far greater than the risks.

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