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La Fête de l’Espace social de Clamecy, c’est ce samedi 25 juin

Clamecy Social Space Festival takes place on Saturday 25th June

The Espace Social des Vaux d’Yonne concert takes place on Saturday, 25 June, in the Vauvert Garden. “It is a time dedicated to the users of the Center and to the residents. It will be between generations. Families are welcome as well as all those who attend the entertaining reception or the youth reception, and it will primarily be a time for everyone to come together,” confirms Director Patrice Melott.

From 2 pm until 6 pm, many free activities will be offered during this day continuously. There are several stands, including those of the karate and football associations. Demonstrations will be given at the adjacent gym Agora’Fit and the circus school of the Social Center will give a small show with some acrobatics. These events will take place every three quarters of an hour.

We are going to celebrate 20 years of our existence

At the same time, a group of young people who attended or attended the social center will give musical entertainment with some rock songs. To follow all the classic cartoons: inflatable structures for children, a game library, a cart ride with a donkey. This year the social space celebrates its 20th anniversary, and the history of the castle will also be discussed. The launch of a balloon was announced by the children of the center and a raffle as well as a good birthday cake which will be shared at 5 pm.

Refreshments, waffles, ice cream and drinks will be served by volunteers and animators, all packed for the occasion.

Christopher Bellhom