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Melissa Laveau at Espace d’Albret

Melissa Laveau at Espace d’Albret

Artist Melissa Laveau will take the stage at Espace d’Albret, Tuesday, November 7, at 8:30 p.m., as part of her fall “Miracle Tour.”

A singer-songwriter as talented as she is adventurous, and with a voice so luminous, Melissa Lavoe explores a vibrant and ever-expanding musical field, from folk to pop, including electro and Haitian music.

Melissa Lavoe crosses different cultures, is imbued with multiple musical influences, and shows an artistic identity in her image: pluralism and openness to the world. After sharing albums between folk and pop, where she sang in English, French and Haitian Creole, Melissa Laveau returns with a project inspired by lullabies and heroic female characters. On her fourth album, Mama Forgot Her Name Was Miracle, Melissa Lavoe puts her hardcore poetry and ballads in the service of funky pop.

As an archivist of feminist and social struggles, Melissa Laveau invites a community of heroines who have been forgotten by history or voluntarily placed on the margins. She explores the therapeutic and spiritual dimension of music by revisiting the form of its predecessors: the lullaby, summoning powerful sounds from outside of time to create new, subversive mythologies. Melissa Laveau pays tribute to thirteen historical heroines whose names have been forgotten, from Audre Lorde to the goddess Lilith.

She summons Amazons, witches, rebel activists, and goddesses to create entirely new mythologies: alternative, modern, and feminist. A great album, one that will be discovered immediately. All public spaces – Free seating/standing – Prices from €10 to €20 – Booking 05 53 97 40 50 – [email protected]

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