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According to science, this is the specific area for applying blush

According to science, this is the specific area for applying blush

In summer as in winter, Blush It is one of the essential products in our makeup routine. It is a true ally of beauty, as it warms the skin, sculpts the cheekbones and adds a little touch of freshness to the face. However, many people do not know how to apply it correctly. Fortunately, tutorials on how to deal with the art of blush are multiplying on social media, which guides us to the type of blush that should be chosen. Color in favor According to our skin tone and the area we apply it to to enlarge the skin. On the latter, American dermatologist Charles Buza focused in a video clip that he posted on his TikTok account and is followed by 1.4 million fans.

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How to apply your blush?

After doing some research, the dermatologist discovered the exact area where he should apply blush to enhance the complexion. “Blush helps rejuvenate the face and it is essential to know how to apply it correctly,” says the expert. Comes with a blush pencil from the brand NudesticsThe latter begins by drawing a small line under the pupil and then forms what looks like an inverted isosceles triangle, heading from one side towards the top of the cheekbone, and from the other side towards the ear. The triangle then represents the ideal area for applying blush depending on the shape of the face. All that remains is to mix and that’s it.

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