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Meg Ryan explains why she disappeared from cinema for eight years

Meg Ryan explains why she disappeared from cinema for eight years

Meg Ryan has explained why she has been away from Hollywood for so long.

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“I took a big break because I felt like there were so many other aspects of my experience as a human being that I wanted to expand on,” the 61-year-old star told People magazine.

Meg Ryan points to being a mother to her two children, Jack, 31, who she shares with ex-husband Dennis Quaid, and Daisy, 19, whom she adopted in 2006. What’s more, she didn’t want to let cinema dictate it to her. His life. “It’s good to think of it as a job rather than a lifestyle. It’s a great way to approach things for me,” she added.

Meg Ryan is known for starring in romantic comedies Sleepless nights in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally… or You have a message. The actress is set to return to the big screen after eight years of starring and directing Ithaca In 2015.

What happens later?Her new feature film tells the story of two former lovers, played by her and David Duchovny, who are forced to spend the night at an airport after a snowstorm. “He came to me during confinement,” she explained. The main thing is that these two stick together. I love the idea that we are stuck somewhere, even if it seems conflicting, perhaps for therapeutic reasons. »

What happens later?Which the actress also co-wrote, will be released in US theaters on November 3.

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