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Metro Festival | In the Rain with Jack Harlow

Despite the downpour, American rapper Jack Harlow, headlining the second day of the Metro Metro Festival, was shining. Local artists, including DawaMafia and MikeZup, brilliantly enlivened audiences before leaving the Olympic Park stage for global stars.

He’s the Louisville rapper Jack Harlow that most people have been waiting for, and for good reason. The 25-year-old, whose rap music draws crowds, was greeted by a few thousand jubilant festival-goers.

Si le Vetéran Lil Wayne, la veille, était arrivé si tard (d’après l’organisation du festival) qu’il n’avait pu être sur scène qu’une quinzaine de minutes, le bon Jack n’a pas joué la carte the late fashion. The rule is strict: At 11 p.m., the music stops and the lights come back on the Olympic Park arena.

  • MikeZup prepared for the crowd that turned out in droves for Jack Harlow's concert.

    Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

    MikeZup prepared for the crowd that turned out in droves for Jack Harlow’s concert.

  • For many young adults, the Metro is the first of a series of summer events they will attend in Montreal.

    Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

    For many young adults, the Metro is the first of a series of summer events they will attend in Montreal.

  • Gros Big along with former Occupation Double nominee Adamo, was one of the local performers expected on Saturday.

    Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

    Gross Page with Adamo, the former nominee fordouble occupationwas among the local artists expected on Saturday.

  • Security officers were present at the site, sometimes accompanied by specialized dogs.

    Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

    Security officers were present at the site, sometimes accompanied by specialized dogs.

  • In addition to the original appearance, some festival-goers managed to reveal tattoos out of the ordinary!

    Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

    In addition to look Originally, some festival-goers were able to uncover unfamiliar tattoos!

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So the charming Jack Harlow was just in time when the notes announcing the play sounded. they don’t like it, while the rain, which had come a little earlier, became more insistent. But even a shower did not prevent the artist and his audience from having a great time. There’s even something exhilarating about enjoying a good show in the pouring rain!

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translator First gradenewly turned actor (satisfying remake of White men can’t jump, which he starred in, and which just landed on Disney+), gave an energetic show, often interacting with the audience (and joking with female spectators), and presenting his songs and a few new releases with enthusiasm. His performance is flawless and clear, the strongest we’ve seen this weekend, and enhanced by the musicians who accompany him.

“My friends and I have come such a long way to come here. The last time I was in Montreal was for the Oshiaga Festival, in front of 400 people. I can’t tell you how powerful it was to be in front of you tonight,” he told more than 10,000 festival-goers.

The best moment of the day by far, this performance by Jack Harlow, the best white rapper since Eminem (we have a bit of a doubt here, even if he’s very talented), made it possible to end this second day of Metro.

Prior to Harlow, the other “Internationalists” (Americans), as introduced by Quebec’s Mike Zup before they left the stage, had been performing before an increasingly dense crowd.

The Homixide Gang duo were as flat as the audience in front of them – the good times from mush hole However it permeated the performance. The band very much contracted the bad habit some rappers have of saying only half of their lyrics, leaving Employment Do all the work.

Unfortunately, State Department Fabio has not reached our side of the border. But Ski Mask Slump God, who followed on today’s program, was already there, the first artist to finally get festival-goers engaged. Hops, shouts, and dances mush hole, the party climbed several notches. So much so that Ski Mask inquired about the well-being of his audience, and asked to report if anyone had a problem. “If someone falls, help them. We are one family, we take care of each other.”

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The young man returned Lil’ Tjay to him drills and R&B at the festival, in front of an enchanted audience. The New Yorker, with his youthful voice, wandered around the stage for about an hour, urging festival-goers to give him all their energies, which they gladly did.

Unlike other artists we’ve lost behind the music, TJay allowed himself a few a cappella moments, to rap or sing. Festival-goers often sang his songs with him, all taking out their mobile phones at the same time to capture memories of their favorite songs.

“We feel like New York in Montreal,” the rapper told festival-goers, clearly satisfied with the moment he shared with the Montreal crowd.

room for everyone

The local hip-hop scene was well represented on Saturday afternoon as the sun continued to try to break through the menacing clouds. DJ Chloé Lallouz, Quest and Guestmi had the difficult task of starting the day at 2pm.

After a fairly successful performance by DawaMafia, Gros Big, formerly of OD Adamo and his collaborators, managed to win over the audience, which was slowly gathering in front of the stage, moving a bit, without being the most convincing.

Then MikeZup, at the end of the afternoon, was most interesting to see the development. In front of a distracted, not very reactive crowd, the Montrealer never lost his energy on stage, delivering hiring diverse. Surprise: The Ticaso expert made a short appearance alongside MikeZup, for the perfect moment in the performance.

It’s not easy to catch the eye of a festival crowd when your name isn’t Jack Harlow or Lil TJay. But Quebec artists did their best to set the table for the big names on the bill.

Photo by Dominique Gravel, The Press

Metro Festival goers, Sat

Wildlife in Metro Metro is young and very young. she amazing, also. Sunglasses on their eyes after dark, each one more Instagram-worthy than the other, slickers in their mouths, hip-hop fans moving around in groups, paying more or less attention to what’s happening on stage, but it seems like a real fun to attend the action.

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The hot moments of anger we witnessed were quickly contained. There is no need to prove that there have been floods from the past year, except to indicate that there has been no flood this year yet. The weather is good at Metro Metro, and that’s what matters.