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Martin St-Louis rents an apartment to Arber Xhekaj

Martin St-Louis rents an apartment to Arber Xhekaj

Arber Cicaj is a talented hockey player, but he has become “soft” in his head. He also became his own worst critic.

Even when glory seems to shine upon him, he finds himself in the darkness of self-criticism. Martin St. Louis has rented an apartment in his head, while Shikaj seems upset with the coach who did not care for him, does not trust him and will never trust him.

His goal yesterday was quickly overshadowed by a storm of self-deprecation, following his error in the Capitals' third goal, as Max Pacioretty insulted him, before passing to Sonny Milano, who scored easily.

“I just wanted to not get carried away towards the gang, but my arm got stuck behind him. That's what happens when I get too aggressive.”

He hurts himself mentally, blaming himself for every mistake, every moment of weakness on the ice. For him, even the slightest deficiency is reason enough to torture himself.

Despite praise from his teammates, Xhekaj is stuck in a vicious cycle of constant criticism. He has the impression that he has never been good enough, as if his main enemy is no longer Martin St. Louis, but himself.

The pressure it puts on his shoulders is enormous. Maybe it's the weight of expectations, maybe it's the constant desire for perfection, but Xhekaj seems tangled up in his head, trapped in a hive of negative thoughts.

You can imagine St. Louis watching from afar, a tight grip on his defender, as Xhekaj wrestles with his inner demons.

By being mocked and criticized in the media, St. Louis is constantly in Xhekaj's head while his mind is unable to rest.

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Because of St. Louis, Xhekaj's brain is tormented relentlessly.

The sadness of the situation is clear. Xhekaj was the most popular player in CH. He is now restricted by his self-destructive thoughts.

Even success on the ice cannot break these invisible chains. He has given so much to his coach that he finds it difficult to see the light through the shadow.

Perhaps the key to liberation lies in understanding that perfection does not exist, that mistakes are part of the game, and that true greatness lies in the ability to rise again despite failure.

But for now, Arber Shikaj remains a prisoner in his own head, an apartment that Martin St. Louis rents for free but inhabited by his own demons.

It's time for Martin St. Louis to pay his respects. When it comes to Arber Xhekaj, there seems to be something stuck in his throat. It is as if every compliment burns his tongue. He prefers silence or criticism rather than leaving a compliment directed at his defender.

Every time the press seeks a positive word from Xhekaj, St. Louis seems to find a clever way to avoid the issue. His responses are often evasive, with veiled criticisms or obvious things left unsaid.

That's why Martin St-Louis rented an apartment for free in Ras Xhekaj: the defender will never be able to return to what he was before his coach hounded him.

Martin St. Louis will always be there in his mind to remind him how good he is for nothing… and how much he must submit to the General's orders…

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