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CF Montreal: breaking the record with skill

CF Montreal: breaking the record with skill

CF Montreal set a new team MLS record by lining up for the seventh game in a row unbeaten and did so with a 4-1 win over Orlando, in front of 14,068 spectators at Stade Saputo.

Under the gaze of Lacey LaPalainen, striker Joaquin Torres hit the Orlando City goal yesterday at Saputo Stadium.

Photo by Martin Alari

Under the gaze of Lacey LaPalainen, striker Joaquin Torres hit the Orlando City goal yesterday at Saputo Stadium.

Wilfried Nancy’s team advanced 2-0 with two goals from Joel Waterman (23 .).And Minutes) and Djorji Mihajlovic (52 .).AndWhen Orlando reduced the difference with a goal from Joao Moutinho (72 .).And). Everyone rolled up their sleeves instead of cracking them and showed off a lot of biting.

Joaquin Torres, who is the author of a pass for Mihajlovic’s goal, has already made a 3-to-1 pass on 81And Minute sweep through pass from Zachary Braault Gillard. Torres then handed a compliment to his teammate, who baffled Pedro Galeese with a shot at the far post to make it 4-1 at 84And.

Incidentally, the team’s last defeat dates back to March 12, about two months ago.

late goal

Wilfried Nancy’s men took the lead at 23And Minutes…on a goal scored two minutes ago.

Indeed, after a corner kick, Joel Waterman scored with a header, but was disallowed for offside. By going in for a recovery consultation, the official found that Waterman’s first goal in the MLS was indeed correct.

Thus, he is already the fourth different defender to score in ten matches this season.

However, the team could have gone to the locker room by a larger margin of 1-0.

There were many good chances in the first 45 minutes.


We dealt with a completely opposite game to what we saw last week against Atlanta.

Montreal dominated the match and doubled the chances of Pedro Galizzi’s net. The Peruvian showed the reason for his nickname “octopus” by blocking shots by Lassi Lapalainen and Djorji Mihajlovic with his legs.

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On top of that, Lapalainen enjoyed another chance in very high quality with a superb pass from Rommel Kyoto.

The Finn was in the little rectangle, had time to get the ball back…but he shot just wide.

He clearly lacks confidence around the opponent’s goal and that’s a shame because he’s played one of his best matches this season. He finally seems to be finding ease in his role as a piston.



S. Briza.


K. Miller, R.; Camacho, c. Waterman.


Lappalainen, S. Piette, M. Choinière (replaced by A. Hamdi in the 72nd minute), A. Johnston (replaced by Z. Brault-Guillard at the 77th minute), D. Mihailovic (replaced by M. Miljevic at the 77th minute) 87th minute), J. Torres (replaced by J. Koezira in the 87th minute).


R. Kyoto (Replaced as Kamara in the 77th minute).



P. Galis.


Rowan, R.; Schlegel, T.; Williams, J. Moutinho (Replaced by K. Smith 87th minute).


C. Araujo, J. Mendez (replaced by J. Urso at 57 minutes), F. Torres, M. Minutes a minute).


a. Pato (replaced by E Cara in the 57th minute).


Montreal: Waterman (21st place), Mihailovic (52nd – passes to Johnston and Torres), Torres (81st – passes to Brault-Guillard and Waterman), Brault-Guillard (84th – passes to Torres) ORLANDO: Moutinho (Post 72 – passes to Pereyra), Maggie (73)


Montreal: Waterman (24th), Mihajlovic (42nd), Kyoto (55th), Peet (79th) Orlando: Kara (68th), Williams (89th)





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the news

Joel Waterman

Photo by Martin Alari

Joel Waterman

9/10 | Joaquin Torres

  • He displays his technical skills well and breaks some ankles with his trick. He has one goal and two passes.

8.5 / 10 | Dgeorgi Mihajlovic

  • Another strong game overall and scored 5And The goal of this season is his personal career high.

8.5 / 10 | Joel Waterman

  • He scored a goal and got a yellow card within a minute. It was in the tone of his match that was tough and combative. He also gets a pass. (photo above)

8/10 | Zachary Broult Gillard

  • Makes a good entry, as well as helping with the goal of securing Torres.

8/10 | Alistair Johnston

  • He plays a very good defensive match and collects the fourth assist in the last five matches against Mihajlovic.

8/10 | Kamal Miller

  • Like the metronome, it offers another good performance without a hitch.

8/10 | Samuel Peet

  • Always combative, he managed to break several opposing games.

7.5 / 10 | Matthew Schoener

  • The first start two months ago, in midfield too, and he looked completely relaxed.

7.5 / 10 | Rudy Camacho

  • A match marked by solid efficiency, as he did a strong defensive work.

7.5 / 10 | Sebastian Brizza

  • He’s not very busy, but lights up a few times when asked. It is reassuring.

7.5 / 10 | Key Camara

  • He brings good energy onto the field and comes close to scoring late in the game.

7/10 | Lacey LaPalainen

  • He’s probably playing his best game of the season, but his lack of confidence makes him miss two golden opportunities.

6.5 / 10 | Rommel Kyoto

  • He was the most discreet of the lottery. Good luck early in the game, fighting a bit, but not biting as we know it.

beautiful revenge

In addition to their unbeaten streak record, Montreal had another motive to beat Orlando City today.

But if he’s not upset, Wilfried Nancy still considers his team’s loss to Orlando at the same Saputo stadium last November, a loss that disqualified his team from the playoffs.

“Honestly, the last game against Orlando last season is still fresh in our memory. That is why this victory feels so comforting.”

That’s why this 4 to 1 take out probably tasted like heaven for a head coach in Montreal.

bend without breaking

Over the past few weeks, it was often said that even if the team could take the lead, they wouldn’t be able to kill the match.

Today, though, Orlando cut the lead in half at 72And Minutes, we saw no sign of panic.

Bleu-blanc-noir bent slightly, but not broken.

“I am very proud of the players because when we scored the goal, we knew how to calm down,” noted Nancy, who also admitted that he would have preferred his team not concede this goal.

“They are progressing, they have matured, I feel that and I see that in training. They showed that they were able to respond to several situations.”

What we see above all is that this team did not give up, and it was even more remarkable today.

“Everyone is doing their job, we’re playing with courage and confidence,” said Joel Waterman. We are able to get back to the score we didn’t do last year. We have more flexibility. »

best game

As for Waterman, he played a very strong match with a goal and assist and a more solid defensive performance. This is his father’s opinion, too.

“My dad texted me saying he just watched me play my best MLS match,” the B.C. left-back said.

We can also point out to him that the team’s undefeated streak coincides with his arrival as a start. But he will keep in particular his performance with a goal and a decisive pass, as Kemal Miller did last week.

“Men have been bothering me for the last few weeks because I was missing out on opportunities. I was told to practically touch Kamal’s hand for luck.”