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Jonathan Drouin creates his blind magic

Jonathan Drouin creates his blind magic

You have to be honest and face reality. Since his departure from the Montreal Canadiens, Jonathan Drouin has left a void in the lineup that will be difficult to fill.

Let's be honest again: he could be in the top six on Montreal's squad right now.

Since his time in Colorado, Drouin has continued to showcase his talent and ability to make plays straight from the sky. Admire this amazing pass.

By lining up on the first line with quality players such as Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen, he was able to find his place and contribute significantly to his team's success. s

His stats speak for themselves: 10 goals, 22 assists for a total of 32 points in 54 games, numbers that prove his impact on the ice.

What sets Drouin apart is his ability to create magic on the ice. His creative play and ability to make precise passes allows him to put his teammates in a position to score and create scoring chances without even looking in the direction of who is going to kick the ball.

Tonight, his pass will certainly be chosen among the plays of the year.

For Montreal Canadiens fans, seeing Drouin excel for another team can bring mixed feelings.

On the one hand, it's hard not to feel a little sorry to see a player of his caliber shine elsewhere, when he “shocked” his life in Montreal.

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On the other hand, it's nice to see Joe so comfortable in his own skin, so happy playing hockey… He's got his taste of life back.

Drouin has found his little corner of heaven. he deserves it…