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Martin St. Louis reacts to Arber Xhekaj’s demotion

Martin St. Louis reacts to Arber Xhekaj’s demotion

Earlier this evening, we reported that the Habs defender, Arbor ShekajHe was surprised by his dismissal of the Laval missile.

According to the latest information, Xhekaj did not expect this to happen for a moment.

After appearing on the injured list, the decision to return a fan favorite to Laval appears to have been explained by the idea of ​​a return to fitness or conditioning.

However, nothing official was specified in the press release.

However, this afternoon, the head coach Martin St. Louis He wanted to undo the demotion of his stalwart defender by answering in all honesty the many questions asked by the media.

According to him, Xhekaj simply has to act like a professional.

β€œHe just has to work like a pro. You make a lot out of that! He’s a young player, and this is part of his process. It’s so he can reach the highest ceiling as a professional athlete. Last year, J.B. [Justin Barron] He went downstairs. But it’s part of the process of growing as a player.”

Martin St. LouisTwitter – TVA Sports

Let’s hope now that the strong man from the Hab can do things well in Laval so that he can come back strong later with the Canadian.

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