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Defender David Reinbacher is increasingly linked with CH at number 5 pick

Defender David Reinbacher is increasingly linked with CH at number 5 pick

Al-Kindi will have an important role in the replay. After all, Conor Bedard and Adam Fantelli will be gone and there will be (at least) an honorary top 5 player left. Whether it’s Will Smith, Leo Carlson or Matvey Michkov, at least one of them will be free.

In my opinion, Carlson will disappear, and Mechkov will break free. I also think Smith will be free.

But of course, it’s possible for sharks to come out on top and draft someone else’s. After all, other good attackers available are among the first to go.

But there is also David Reinbacher, defender. He is sometimes frowned upon by Canadiens fans, who absolutely want their favorite No. 5 tackle. In a draft with so many forwards, we can understand.

But I wonder what’s so bad about picking a guy who’s seen as Moritz Seider 2.0 in the draft. Just ask a Wings fan if they regret the choice, just for fun.

The young man is sometimes associated with the Canadian.

When we look at this, we can say that if CH wants to avoid drafting Matvey Mychkov and does not want to recruit a less talented striker, he can turn to the defender. That would avoid having a lower quality attacker.

And having a right defenseman in first place against Logan Mailo and Justin Baron isn’t exactly my definition of a bad idea, is it?

All of this is to say that if the Canadiens are going to draft Reinbacher for fifth, I really wouldn’t mind it. I think he can really hold the right side.

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And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

There was already an attraction to looking at drafting a guy at the end of the month, and now Corey Brunman has added it cum rank canadian in dummy project.

Nicholas Cloutier (TVA Sports) also added by saying he had also heard about the possibility of seeing Reinbacher hit the road to Montreal in a few weeks.

Note that even sharks will consider his choice.

I say it and repeat it: if Bédard, Fantelli, Carlson and Smith are out before CH and Kent Hughes doesn’t want to touch Mitchkov, then I clearly see a path where CH takes the best defender available instead of a worse striker. of the top five.

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