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Martin Mattei live: Christine Morency was the victim of a trick from Pierre Hébert live and her reaction was perfect

Martin Mattei live: Christine Morency was the victim of a trick from Pierre Hébert live and her reaction was perfect

Christine Morency fell victim to Pierre Hébert’s hoax live on Thursday evening, on the set of the show. Martin Matty Live.

With the collusion of the technical staff, Martin Mattei pretended to be unwell during the break and was unable to return on air in time, thus leaving the controls of his talk show to his guest.

Suddenly, the comedian, who had sold more than 100,000 tickets for her first show, “Grace,” greeted the audience after intermission, completely alone on stage, with only a cardboard box forgotten from the block as a crutch.

But Christine Morency came back quickly. She instinctively told a story about the great generosity of Mrs. Liz Watier, who brought women experiencing homelessness a large feast as well as cosmetics during the holiday season, at a time when the comedian was working with this population.

After a few minutes of filling the airtime, Christine Morency was joined by her friend Pierre Hébert, with whom she hosted Perfectly showed up! Weekdays are on Rouge, and Martin Matte is in great shape.

“I hurt people with jokes”

Christine Morency, whose frankness no longer surprises anyone, admitted to Martin Mattei, on Thursday evening, that she had hurt people, despite herself, with her jokes.

“I had to hurt people with jokes, and I think the more experience I gained on stage, the more I tried to realize that behind the joke, you also have to have an awareness of the other,” she said.

“After this, can I stop myself from making a joke? I think if it’s good and I accept it I will do it,” she added, explaining that she never falls for pure filth.

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Martin’s last words

At the beginning of the program, the presenter wanted to give a small speech to his viewers, highlighting the end of a wonderful adventure that lasted only one season. “It was a real adventure, a great adventure,” he said first.

“I actually took a big risk by hosting this show. “This was my first time hosting a talk show and I had never received so much insults on social media,” he added, admitting that his role was more difficult than he imagined, but overall he did not He regrets something.

As for the audience ratings, which were not necessarily there every week, Martin Mattei remains proud of his performance.

“Whether there are 800,000, 200,000, 400,000 or 500,000 people, I have no control over that. All I can do is give my best and that still leaves a lot of people happy every week.”

Christmas with Maude Landry

Comedian Maud Landry went to meet the real Santa Claus, the one in Versailles Square, and took the opportunity to try to find little gifts to give to Martin Mattei and his guest, Christine Morency.