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Catherine Brunet is in a relationship with this actor

Catherine Brunet is in a relationship with this actor

While a few months have passed since her separation from Antoine PilonNo longer loved, Catherine Brunet has found love with an actor playing in a popular series at the moment.

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On Wednesday, November 29, the actress walked the red carpet for the premiere of the play White horseAt the Jean Duceppe Theater. Which we can see from December 7 in the series Surprising detective on Elico Club She introduced herself in the performance in an embraceEmile Ouellette, Confirming to our journalists that they were a couple.

Bruno Petrozza / TVA Publications

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If his face tells you anything, it’s very likely, because he’s currently playing Witches. He plays the “young” version of Luc Tougas in Memories of the past.

Let us remember that in August, Catherine Brunet and Antoine Bellon They publicly announced their split, which happened several months ago, after being together for eight years. They remained on good terms.

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