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“Martin Matte Live”: Anne Dorval will be paralyzed by stage fright on premiere nights

“Martin Matte Live”: Anne Dorval will be paralyzed by stage fright on premiere nights

Anne Dorval, known for her great virtuosity and enormous range in playing, suffers from terrible stage fright, “a kind of paranoia on premiere nights,” which seems to increase over time.

Featured on TNM In The Room I am writing to you in the middle of a beautiful storm At the beginning of the year, director Maxime Carbonneau told her, on the evening of the premiere last January, that he had “never seen anyone with such stage fright.” Martin Matty LiveThursday evening.

“When I was younger, I had stage fright, but not like now, and on premiere nights, I would look through the cracks in the curtains to see if there were people I knew because that triggered me,” she explained Thursday evening. “Now it’s impossible.” “It is unimaginable that I could do this.”

“I don’t want to know. I want there to be an anonymous crowd,” she added, explaining that she began to relax after about ten minutes on stage.

The one whose talents we were able to appreciate in the mini-series The night Laurier Godreau woke up Elico Club returned to the arena last winter after an absence of 12 years.

Voice of scientist Cathy Vaillancourt

Originally from Noranda, in Abitibi-Temiskaming, Anne Dorval also speaks for scientist Cathy Vaillancourt, who is interested in the effects of emissions from the Horn foundry on the health of women, especially pregnant women and their babies, as well as on children. .

“From reading about it, I learned that 98% of the arsenic in Quebec’s air is concentrated in the skies of Rouyn-Noranda,” explained Anne Dorval, little Paul’s grandmother of almost two years.

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Decisive confrontations

Fearing that one day her life would end, Anne Dorval told Martin Mattei on Thursday evening that Xavier Dolan – with whom she remained close after filming the film You killed my mother Pierre Bernard, René Richard Cyr and Serge Denoncourt had a positive influence on his professional and personal life.

“I had the opportunity to have crucial meetings that changed the course of my personal and professional life as well,” she told Martin Mattin.

“These people were very important,” the actress continued.

Surprise guests

With Arnaud Solé, the stand-in guest who made a surprise appearance at Espace St-Denis midway through the show, the actress revisited her in-game cinematic Represent your career. In particular, she had to mime Parents And The heart has its reasons.

Danielle Grenier was invited to the set to present unusual objects found at flea markets. Silly but beautiful clip.

Anne Dorval and Martin Mattei then closed the show with Teleprompter interview. A drawing that sparked a lot of laughter, but also a few moments of confusion.

Martin Matty Live It airs every Thursday at 8pm on TVA. Next week, Martin will welcome Fabien Cloutier, Christine Morency and Melissa Bedard.