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Marlis will loan the missile to a goalkeeper

Marlis will loan the missile to a goalkeeper

A very special mode for the Laval missile on May 12, 2021.

Currently, the Laval missile has only two goalkeepers since Cayden Primo, the regular goalkeeper, was in Montreal. This means that Michael McNevin is ahead of Vasily Dymchenko.

Rocket’s # 1 goalkeeper, in this case McNiven, was supposed to be in goal and that wouldn’t change. However, his assistant woke up with symptoms of COVID-19 and although his test results were negative, the organization did not take the opportunity: he left Toronto by car to take the road to Montreal.

Rocket will continue to play, but who will be the No.2 goalkeeper?

Answer: Andrew D’Agostini, Toronto Marley’s goalkeeper.

So we must hope that nothing very dangerous will happen. The missile doesn’t want to be delivered to the grid because that wouldn’t be perfect.

It is important to note that he will not be in contact with Rocket players. He’ll dress up in another locker room (so in the Marlies room) and won’t be anywhere near Rocket Youth.

So it would be necessary for Jol Bouchard to misuse it. After all, an emergency ranger who works with Marlies, can play tricks on you …

As for the rest of things, we dare to believe that the Canadian would be able to organize better with the missile. After all, Laval will play in Montreal on May 14, 15 and 17. We agree to say that at this point, while CH will be on hiatus, Cayden Primo can return to the rocket’s bosom to end its season in force.

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In the short term, however, it is not so simple. After all, today’s match is 3 pm and there are no other solutions …


Note that Marlies’ coach will also be absent as a precaution. Why is the match taking place?

Speaking of running out of people, players are running out of missiles at the moment. Once again, Josh Brooke will be playing on the offense. There will be 11 forwards (including Brock) and seven defenders.

– D’Agostini is a “regular” in the organization.