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Marc Bergevin in a relationship with France's Marguerite Belanger: intervention by Vincent Damphousse

Marc Bergevin in a relationship with France's Marguerite Belanger: intervention by Vincent Damphousse

In the podcast Stanley25Rumors travel as quickly as a quick pass through the color palette. But when former Montreal Canadiens employee David Saint-Germain opens up behind the scenes about Marc Bergevin's personal, romantic and intimate life, it gets people talking.

In a revelation that has rocked the Quebec hockey community, Saint-Germain suggested that former Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin had a romantic relationship with France-Marguerite Belanger, the president of the hockey club. “Sports and entertainment” From the CH collection.

This statement revealed an aspect of Bergevin's private life. It must be admitted that rumors have spread about this subject, but this is the first time that anyone has officially confirmed this.

Saint-Germain highlighted the fact that Bergevin's social and romantic life was as intense behind the scenes as it was outside. This bold statement underscores how eventful Bergie's life was with women.

But the story does not end here. PSG added an extra layer to this already interesting story by revealing that France-Marguerite Belanger has now moved on and is in a relationship with Vincent Damphousse, the legendary former Canadian player who works as an analyst at RDS. This final revelation turns this case into a true romantic saga worthy of the greatest soap operas.

We must admit that all this information is interesting, even if the most passionate supporters of gossip and rumors already knew about it.

Saint-Germain's revelations shook the walls of the Bell Center and gave a fascinating look into the private lives of the most prominent figures within the Montreal Canadiens.

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It's like we're on Gossip Girl. Marc Bergevin is clearly going to be talked about in Montreal forever. Little thought for France-Marguerite Belanger who must feel uncomfortable listening to her romantic and intimate life unfold in broad daylight.

Stanley25 has become the Montreal Canadiens' worst nightmare…