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Money Problems: Donald Brashear is fed up

Money Problems: Donald Brashear is fed up

Donald Brashear is tired of the constant rumors circulating about his finances. Although he earned approximately $17 million during his career, his legal and financial problems were everywhere. However, Brashear insists he doesn't need it.

In an interview with La Presse's Richard Labbe, Brashear wanted to set the record straight. He's not homeless, he's not poor, he's not struggling to make ends meet.

“I participate in events in Philadelphia, I have an NHL pension, I work 10 hours a week at a hockey school in Quebec… If I was in a bad financial situation, I would work a little more.” “Which.” (Credit: Richard Labe, LaPress)

“Everyone asks me this question, why am I still playing, is because I love to play hockey. I love to compete. That's why I'm still playing. I never talk about my financials because that's not what's important in life. The important thing is to be that way. Okay.”Brashear says.

He strongly rejects the idea that his continued hockey involvement with the Marquis de Jonquière at LNAH is motivated by pressing financial needs.

He said his presence on the ice is driven by a passion for the sport and a desire to compete.

“I'm here to have fun”He insists on denying any intention to fight more often with the Marquis de Jonquière

“When the Marquis called me last summer, that was my first question: ‘Are you calling me to fight?’ I told them to leave it if so. I wouldn’t go there to fight, I’ve done that all my life.” »

He has played just twice this season, saying those situations are the result of decisions he makes in the heat of the moment.

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“When that happens, it's because I decide. And in the heat of the moment, nature sometimes comes back very quickly…”

Despite the challenges he may face, Brashear remains determined to pursue his passion for hockey, insisting that his presence on the ice is motivated solely by the love of the game and the joy of competition, not financial concerns.

It's hard to believe. But the important thing is that he is happy. But we see the sadness embodied on his face. All we want is for it to be good. After so many setbacks, he's totally worth it.