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Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris in the Top 3 Most Used NHL Junior Players

Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris in the Top 3 Most Used NHL Junior Players

Since the beginning of the season, CH recruits have been talking about them for the right reasons. That’s basically the case with Kaiden Guhle, who, to David Savard’s left, faces the best opposing trios. And he does it brilliantly. Jordan Harris, to the left of Jonathan Kovacevic, is also doing well.

Of course, those responsibilities come with a lot of icy time, and that puts Guhle and Harris among the most used rookies in every game with times of 20:56 and 20:48 respectively per game.


In fact, only Owen Power of the Buffalo Sabers is ahead of CH players. He plays to the left of Rasmus Dahlen.

I don’t know if people realize the enormity of Harris and Johley’s performance. These two young players swallow several minutes and are solid. They manage to limit the opponent’s attacks and manage to distribute good shoulder shots. When mature, both can be beneficial to Canadians.

Even Alexandre Piccard, an analyst at TVA Sports, compared Guhle to Chris Pronger.

“I compare Guhle to Chris Pronger. I think he will be able to play for a long time in this league. He will be intimidating when he is physically mature. We can already see that he can take several minutes to play, he is able to play on strength, defend well in his area, And to be physical, to be ‘mean.’ He can do a little bit of everything, like Pronger.” – Alexandre Piccard

Jean Charles Lagoy, animator at BBM SportsIn the meantime, he sent flowers to Jordan Harris, whom he considers the least appreciated player in the entire team.

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It’s hard not to agree with JiC. Harris, in addition to his proficiency in the defensive zone and his strong skate, always looks good when things heat up in the CH.

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