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Marc-Andre Grundin scratched by the audience in the new version of the referee's question

Marc-Andre Grundin scratched by the audience in the new version of the referee’s question

This week, Pierre Hébert presented the new version of the test a matter of judgment.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, The program hosted by Pierre Hébert explores the prejudices people have towards Quebec stars through questions.

Because of the pandemic, production until then had to work with a ballot and not with people in person, but since the fall of government measures, audiences are finally back in the studio. So now he’s the one to vote for a warmer, more interesting result. The stars can interact with the voters giving us delicious moments. This Monday aired the first episode of this new version.

With every edition of a matter of judgment, there is always a guest who gets stabbed more than others by the audience. This week, Marc-Andre Grundin was the one to go.

The audience chose him as the person who “pHe refuses to go to the hospital on the grounds that his wound will heal on its own”, who “hides to avoid talking to an acquaintance”, who “runs away from the restaurant during a boring meeting” and who “overstates his insurance claim”.

Then, on the contrary, it was voted on by only 6% on the question: “Who overreacts in almost all situations?” “.

We really need to restore our public image Debbie Lynch White shouted.

He wasn’t particularly surprised by most of the responses because his shy image of darkness stuck with him, but he was still surprised to find that the audience thought it might be “deceptive insurance.”

We love this revamped version of a matter of judgment! The studio audience definitely brings new energy to the original KOTV format.

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