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Mange will return to the Résidence Beausite in Moutiers

Mange will return to the Résidence Beausite in Moutiers

Scabies seems stubborn at the Résidence Beausite in Moutiers. About ten residents and nursing staff members have been isolated, according to our information. The first cases of scabies were detected at the beginning of October within Provost EMS. Motier Hospital was contacted and confirmed that skin observations had been made on several people. “They complained of itching,” explains Arc Network Medical Director Alan Kinvak. “It is very common, but we wanted to take the necessary precautions in light of the last episode. » So it has not yet been proven that he has tried. Analyzes should be done at the end of this week. “The examination consists of taking skin samples and analyzing them in the laboratory. “Then we will know whether we are dealing with a parasite, scabies, something else, or nothing at all,” adds Alan Kenfack.

Treatment and disinfection

Pending test results, treatment was provided to residents and caregivers who showed symptoms. Motier Hospital ensures that all EMS floors have been disinfected against parasites. Last October, Alan Kinvak emphasized the risks associated with the disease: scabies is not really dangerous to human health. However, if the presence of the infectious disease is confirmed, it will remain unknown why and how the parasites were able to spread within Résidence Beausite. The medical director explains that a positive diagnosis will not call into question the cleanliness or quality of care at the facility. “Scabies is not a hospital parasite. It lives on the skin but does not live on the ground. Since everyone was treated last October, the return of the disease may mean that someone brought it from outside.” And determining that scabies, because of its characteristics, spreads more easily in environments Community. /oza

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