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Science to improve cross-country skiing at Laval University

Nicolas Quirion-Cantin, a master’s student in mechanical engineering, is behind the research project that will be carried out this winter on the campus of Université Laval.

Under the guidance of Professor Julien Lépine, a cross-country skiing enthusiast, Quirion-Cantin designed a machine dedicated to testing different waxes under all conditions.

to her stationary station It is specially equipped with a computer, motor and cable which makes it possible to pull the snowmobile, at different speeds, a cart mounted on cross-country skis. For hours, several times a week, the cart would be pulled repeatedly on a 60-meter straight line.

The 60-meter short track will be located near North Campus, inside Telos Stadium.

Photo: Radio Canada/Carl Boivin

We will be able to measure the force required to pull the cart, and thus deduce the coefficient of friction of the sled on the snow. This will allow you to test different combinations of waxes and skis to guide the selection according to weather conditions.explains the University of Laval student.

Find alternatives to fluoride

The idea is to produce scientific data on both sliding waxes and grip waxes, which allow cross-country skiers to propel themselves on the ice. Because even on the World Cup circuit, the tests that take place before competitions can be somewhat literal.

How does it work at the moment in competition two skaters of the same weight stand next to each other and let themselves slide to see which one goes furtheron Nicolas Quirion-Canteen.

Julien Lepine says the research project comes at the right time. The professor says the best performing waxes in the world have long been those containing fluorine. A product harmful to health and the environment, and it is prohibited to use it in the next season in competitions approved by the International Skating Federation.

With fluorine-containing waxes, we got the right solution 99% of the time, regardless of the wax. Because it is an absolutely exceptional product in terms of glide. There are more differences between the next generation of wax. Some can walk one day, but not the next point to show.

The research project is still in its infancy. The goal is ultimately to create a more compact machine that can be used by the top teams in the competition.

Perhaps it can help our Canadian teams shine on the international stage in the distant future.Professor wishes.

The imminent opening of the Scandinavian Campus

If exams can be taken at Université Laval, it is because the concept of a northern campus is back for a third winter. Once weather permits in the coming weeks, a 400-meter ice loop, 1-kilometer cross-country skiing loop, and snowshoe trails will open to the public free of charge on campus.

Zamboni runs over the ring in the middle of the soccer field.

The ice rink on the University Laval campus last winter.

Photo: Radio Canada/Carl Boivin

The facilities have attracted tens of thousands of visitors over the past two years. Faculty and students from the university, but also residents of the area. The concept of sustainable health is very dear to us at the University and we believe that being able to get out and do physical activity is beneficial on all levels.Universitaire Laval Executive Vice-Chancellor Andre Darvaux paid tribute on Wednesday.

What future for Montmorency forest?

The latter, however, was more evasive when asked if this same concept applied to the Montmorency Forest. After a few months of existence The famous cross-country ski center has closedCollege of Forestry admitted in November be in thinking About the future of leisure tourism activities on the site.

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Although research will remain a priority in the Montmorency Forest, André Darvaux ensures that the Faculty of Forestry She is also attentive to the needs of the residents. However, many of the founders are calling for the site to be reopened.

I think there is a way that all of this can coexistAdvance Vice Chancellor.