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Macron says: "Today I am the president of all France."

Macron says: “Today I am the president of all France.”

Emmanuel Macron, who was re-elected president of the republic in France on Sunday against his far-right rival, said the vote of voters who chose to block the national rally “committed him for years to come” and that he would be the “president” of all.

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«Je sais que nombre de nos compatriotes ont voté ce jour pour moi non pour soutenir les idées que je porte, mais pour faire barrage à cells de l’extrême droite», a déclaré le président sortant lors del’ant la discours In Paris. “This vote obligates me in the coming years, I am farewell to their sense of duty.”

In 2017, he became the youngest French president. Emmanuel Macron altered the trial on Sunday by securing a second term, but without the same skill, in a sign of the contradictory feelings he arouses.

“No one will be left by the way,” the re-elected president asserted during his victory speech in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, stressing that the “new era” would not be “in the continuity of the five-year period.” which ends.”

Promising a “reworked method”, Macron was re-elected against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, and also called for her to be “dignified and respected” in a country “soaked by so many doubts and divisions.”