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Luke Richardson's replacement will have experience according to Alex Burroughs

Luke Richardson’s replacement will have experience according to Alex Burroughs

Alexander Burroughs has been touring Quebec’s sports media in the past few hours. the reason? He talked about his former partners and the former Vancouver Canucks goalkeeper. Re-Call : Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Roberto Luongo are part of the 2022 class that will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame later this year.

You can imagine that these are not the comments on Sedin’s twin or on Bobby Lou Which caught my eye through many of Burroughs’ lanes…

Yesterday morning, on the waves of 91.9 Sports’ broadcasts, Burroughs wasn’t asked much about the Canadian. Richard Lapp, Morning host of the weekJust one question TRUE The question at the end of the interview: Who will Canadians choose on July 7th?

It would be Wright, Slavkowski, or Cooley, Burroughs laughed. Something he already said at the beginning of June. It’s not Burroughs’ oath, and frankly, I’d rather see him answer that way than formally decline to answer.

Last night Burrows was in Sports lovers (98.5 FM) After talking about Sedin and Luongo, he noted that he liked working with Martin St-Louis, and that he had a lot of experience. percussion instrumentthat he communicated well with the players and his assistants and that he quickly learned how to act like Fitness Trainer in The too small National Association.

Burroughs also expressed his delight at Luke Richardson, who has been named coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, while admitting that he is sad that he is no longer by his side behind the Canadian bench now. Burrows said he did not know the Canadians’ plan to replace Richardson, but admitted it was reasonable to believe the new St. Louis assistant coach would not. will come out Not too small…that he will have some experience (from training?).

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According to Burroughs, Martin St. Louis likely has some Amazing ideas that come out of the box.

We recall that Marc-André Perreault predicts a nomination on the left in this file.

Monday, It was revealed that Francis Bouillon was at the top of the detention list. Is his inexperience in training Will he play against him? Is he really interested in leaving the development field to find himself behind the NHL team bench?

Burroughs also mentioned that in September 2021 the men arrived at the camp ill-prepared and not sufficiently rested. He expects the team to be more prepared in the next camp, after a very long summer.

Notably, Burroughs also confided to Jessica Labinski (Journal de Montreal) that even if he was not part of the decision-making committee, he felt that the candidates’ experience and background would be taken into account when it was time to replace Luke Richardson.

“It would take someone with the same philosophy as Martin, the same vision for our group of defenders. We have many young people knocking on the door. He will have a lot on his plate, but I can’t wait to see who he is, and start working with him or her.” Alex Burroughs in JDM

No, Burroughs doesn’t look like someone who won’t be back next year.

Remember, the Canadian can also appoint two new assistant coaches, one of whom will watch matches at the heights of the Bell Center, not behind the bench. Sort of like Clement Godwin did in his final season in Montreal…

Many of

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Laperrières: hockey machines.

– What a story!

– This robot is impressive.

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