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Anthony Auclair was released by Texas

Anthony Auclair was released by Texas

On the verge of entering his fifth season in the NFL, Anthony Auclair fell victim to a chopping block in the Houston Texans.

The 32 teams can still change their lineup at any time, but when the time comes to comply with the 53-player limit, the narrow Beauceron team has not been selected from among the regulars.

For now, the Texans have instead set their sights on Jordan Akins, Brevin Jordan and Pharaoh Brown as tight ends. They caused a surprise by retaining the services of five riders, which clearly hurt Auclair’s case.

Beauceron was mentioned in magazine In an interview before participating in the Texas camp that his main goal was to find his place, because he started again on new bases. He ultimately failed to do so, despite the kind words that coach David Cooley said about him last weekend.

“He has been a warrior for all of us through training camp. I like what he brings, he is able to dominate the line of scrimmage. If we can run with the ball like we want, having that kind of tight ends is very important for us.”

Texans could offer him a place on the reserve team, an option that former Laval University Rouge et Or will have to assess if that is the case.

Lestage and Molson are waiting

Among other Quebec players likely to be released, Seattle Seahawks forward Pierre-Olivier Listig and Green Bay Packers player JJ Molson have not escaped recent cuts.

The dream is not over yet. Many observers from both teams noted the performance of the Quebec players. If they are not called during the day, it is very possible to assign them to their reserve team.

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The same is true for Franco-Ontario offensive lineman, Ryan Hunter, with the San Diego Chargers.

In the case of Bruno Labelle’s tight finish, the Arizona Cardinal on August 9 put him on his long-running injury list.

no surprise

On Monday, rumors swirled that the Kansas City Chiefs might receive offers for goalkeeper Laurent DuVernay Tardiff.

Quebec will not move easily, it is he who has a non-commercial condition.

If he gets injured in his right hand, he won’t be ready to start the season. The Chiefs will trust his sixth-round pick Trey Smith, but plans are subject to change at any time.

As for cornerback Benjamin Saint-Just, he had a great camp in Washington, where he regularly played with the rookies. Unsurprisingly, he has a place in the regular squad and should see a lot of ground.