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Louviers Wallabies (Success Story): Nicolas Antoine joins a baseball team in Australia

Louviers Wallabies (Success Story): Nicolas Antoine joins a baseball team in Australia

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Nicolas Antoine Loves fights. He is a pitcher. His fastball can reach 140 km/h, a mine! Every time he takes the mound to challenge a batter, He knows why he plays baseball.

A passion born in Louviers (Eure). At the age of 9, in 2010, he discovered baseball during an event Louviers Wallabies Club at the Vaudreuil Leisure Center. Cyril Maillard, Wallabies manager The man who coached him from 2010 to 2015 recalled “a player who made relentless progress towards the top”.

As time passed, the young wallaby progressed from the Louviers and he progressed to that level Merged with the Australian Championship team for the 2024 season.

Courtesy of Cyril Maillard

Nicolas Antoine has strong memories of these young years with the Wallabies.

It all started there. I would not be where I am today without Cyril Maillard. He helped me develop good values ​​and love for this sport.

Nicolas Antoine

From the age of 14, young Lavrian’s talent was no longer in doubt. After becoming a citizen Rouen Faith Center in 2015After France in Toulouse in 2017He is one Recruited for D1 team Boucaniers de La Rochelle. In the summer of 2017, he went to America to complete his training. He was subsequently selected for the French teamHe won a bronze medal at this year’s Euro Baseball 23U tournament.

France has a big gap to fill before it can be at the level of the best countries in the world.

Nicolas Antoine

The next step to excellence: the very tough Australian Championships. Nicolas Antoine actually signed a contract Midway through the 2024 season Gawler Rangers, Australia. A first for a French player!

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“I want to improve and be able to play better baseball,” he told us. In France, we are behind the game plan on a physical and psychological level. We have a huge gap to fill before we are at the level of the best countries in the world like Japan or America! »

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If France’s 3rd place in this year’s Euro Baseball is the first step, Nicolas Antoine is clear about French baseball and insists that the athletes “need more players, more matches, proper physical and technical supervision”.

“Work hard, listen to the coaches”

Nicolas Antoine makes it his duty to share his experience Youth teams he coached at Louviers and La Rochelle.

New perspectives, learning things as I grow and being able to bring ways to help kids achieve their dreams. I want to teach them everything I know.

Nicolas Antoine

To become a professional baseball player, the former Wallabies has one last piece of advice: “You have to work hard, listen to the coaches and learn new things every day. You have to be confident in your plans and always have a positive attitude. »

Article produced in collaboration with Angélique Gonzalez from the Wallabies Club

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