While most coronavirus patients recover within a few days, some develop Longest form of pathology e with symptoms that persist over time. According to the statistics collected, they will be 10 to 20% in this case. Many studies have shown this Some symptoms last longer in women of men.

Recently, doctors have noticed that more and more patients suffer from digestive disorders after infection SARS-CoV-2.

Covid-19: an increase in digestive problems

This is explained by Dr. Greg Vanishkitchorn, director of the Post-Covid Rehabilitation Program at Mayo Clinic Patients are increasingly reporting gastrointestinal problemsThey range from mild nausea and decreased appetite to severe constipation and food intolerance. “What we saw firsthand has also been documented in the medical literature,” he says.

According to a study published in March 2022, between 147 patients with no previous gastrointestinal disturbances, 16% of whom reported onset of gastrointestinal symptoms approximately 100 days after contracting COVID-19.. Although we’re not sure yet, there are several potential ways for the Covid-19 virus to cause digestive problems. For example, file The lining of the intestine contains a large amount of receptors that the Sars-CoV-2 virus uses to invade cells. General inflammation caused by infection can also disable The natural bacteria that live in the intestines Activate some nerves in the digestive system. “

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The doctor advises people with this type of post-Covid symptoms to Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet. “Recommend a Mediterranean diet with one Reducing processed foods. Second, avoid using too many over-the-counter products to treat symptoms.” In fact, these foods can amplify disorders. “Speak to your healthcare professional first to come up with a treatment plan.”

In the pictures, discover the most common post-Covid symptoms of the digestive system.

Long-Covid and the Digestive System: The Five Common Symptoms

7.5% of patients complain of abdominal pain.

Long-Covid and the Digestive System: The Five Common Symptoms

a Constipation It was found in 6.8% of patients.

Long-Covid and the Digestive System: The Five Common Symptoms

The Diarrhea It affects an average of 4.1% of Dr. Greg Vanishkuchern’s patients.

Long-Covid and the Digestive System: The Five Common Symptoms

same note for nausea and vomiting, with 4.1% of post-Covid patients reporting these symptoms.

Long-Covid and the Digestive System: The Five Common Symptoms

In a study published in April 2022 in Neurogastroenterology & Motility, researchers showed that patients with prolonged Covid-19 can also suffer from “gut-brain interaction disorders.” Symptoms of this condition include stomach painDifficulty swallowing, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea, flatulence and incontinence.




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