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Quebec-based Felix & Paul Studios will be filming the launch of Artemis I

Quebec-based Felix & Paul Studios will be filming the launch of Artemis I

A company in Quebec has been given a mandate to document the first mission to send astronauts to the Moon since the end of the Apollo program in the early 1970s.

Felix and Paul Studios, which has already produced the immersive series space explorersthe Artemis I launch will be filmed. The launch date has not been confirmed, but it is expected to happen at the end of August.

The production will be filmed in 8K, in a 360-degree VR format. It will be broadcast live in 100 domes and planetariums around the world. It will also be available at .’s Facebook page space explorers.

NASA’s Artemis program has a mission to send humans to the Moon in 2025. The last manned mission to the Moon dates back to 1972 with Apollo 17. Artemis I will be an unmanned mission to test equipment.

Historic moment

This is a historic moment for space exploration, says Montreal studio creative director, Felix Lagounis. Photographs of astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon in 1969 made history. Through his project, Felix & Paul Studios will be able to document the history of space with techniques far more advanced than those that produced the famous black and white photographs of 1969, assures Mr. Lajeunesse in an interview.

Today, we are dealing with a new generation through new technologies. To be able to do it in a completely immersive way, to be able to transcend the screen and bring the spectators to live the experience as if they were there, we find it an important development. »

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Felix and Paul Studios are also preparing other projects related to the Artemis mission. The studio documents the preparation of the astronauts who will participate in the moon mission. We are already filming to tell this story. It will be developed over a period of approximately two years and will culminate in the launch of Artemis II. »

Production will be released as episodes of the series space explorersContent, “to begin rolling out within the next two years.”

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