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LOL: The common point of the heroes of the past six years that society makes fun of

LOL: The common point of the heroes of the past six years that society makes fun of

League of Legends offers more and more champions with interesting designs. Since the developer announced a major change to the character’s artwork, we’ve had time to see either Renata Glasc or Bel’Veth. The former is a far cry from the strong stereotype that Riot Games has subjugated the heroines of Runeterra, and the latter is the first brutal character to set foot in Summoner’s Rift in a very long time. However, the developers still owe a huge debt to the community.

The common element in the last 6 years of League of Legends

The stats are clear and the picture is enough to reflect them perfectly. All heroes released since 2016 are shirtless except for Aphelios, making ADC the only fully clothed male champion in the past six years. This situation has led to multiple criticisms of the developer, since in many cases the decision is not quite suitable for the topic. Draven might be the perfect example of why the champ shouldn’t wear a shirt, but in cases like Viego, the decision to undress to show his abs doesn’t really add up.

With that in mind, hopes should be pinned on an alternative design on the next League of Legends champion. The developers had promised at the beginning of the eleventh season to show more imagination and risk changing the appearance of the characters in the future. However, these details have not yet appeared on the male characters. The reason is simple, since that promise was made, Akshan and Vighu were the only heroes released and both of them were already more than set when the promise was made.

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As of now, no release date has been set for the next hero announced by Riot Games. All we know about him is that he should be released before the end of season 12, he will likely be a male character and will be more complex than we are used to when we think of the big tanks. However, no images have been leaked to let us know if the developers will eventually choose a full skin for the next League of Legends character. So, shirtless or not? We’ll have to wait a little longer for the answer.

After 12 years of League of Legends, a lot of jungle conquest strategy has been implemented. However, the latter is more than just original, and very funny. Even if as usual, some people decide to spoil the fun…