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Lise Dion announces that it will no longer work

Lise Dion announces that it will no longer work

It’s a big announcement Liz Dion had to make, and she revealed that her current tour will be her last.

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It was during his last visit to The week ends well That comedian said she was bowing out, and that her tour feet cho The It will be the last.

Her reason is very simple: she simply wants to enjoy life a little!

In fact, due to its huge popularity, as well as the many postponements related to the pandemic, the Lise Dion calendar is full until the end of the following year; His tour will continue until the end of 2023.

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In an interview with José Gaudet and Julie Bélanger, Lise Dion explained that her choice was motivated by the fact that she was growing up, and that she felt it was time for her to slow down.

There, I’m 66, it’s 2022. In 2023, I’ll be 67. If I write another show, at 70, I’ll do the first, maybe. Well, I find that quite a lot. I have been working since I was 13 years old. Suddenly I stop the tour and get sick… I just want to enjoy it a bit»And She was simply captivated, and at the same time stated that what helped her make her decision was that she saw people around her suffering from the disease. So we understand her desire to take advantage of it while she can!

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During her appearance on the show, Liz Dion received many surprises, starting with visiting people she especially loves, such as Dave Morissette, Pierre-Yves Roy Desmaris and Jean-Marc Barent. He also received a commemorative plaque for the sale of 200,000 tickets.

This is your last chance to see Liz Dion!

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