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Les Bleus can count on the French community in Australia

Les Bleus can count on the French community in Australia


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France Info – M. Sharmasan, C. Favanneck

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France’s players enter the match against Jamaica on Sunday July 23 in Sydney. If only a handful of French people traveled from metropolitan France, the Blues could also count on the roughly 50,000 French people living in Australia.

She is the voice calling for French society to rally behind Les Bleus. About 50,000 of them settled in this continent. Ludivine, a Norman teacher who has lived in Australia for 17 years, didn’t hesitate long to take on the role. “There’s a lot of publicity around men’s soccer, so here, for the first time, women’s soccer is really highlighted.”, Ludivine Robbins explains. For a teaser, he managed to enter the Sydney Football Stadium, the venue of the French premiership.

Mood rises

At the request of FIFA, through a communication agency, the French representatives have been identified. They organize this support in which Ludivine participates. On Sunday, July 23, he will go to cheer them on with his son, a soccer player. France will face Jamaica after a 3-game losing streak in the last World Cup to enter the tournament.

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