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Australia, at the center of climate hell

Australia, at the center of climate hell

direction of BarcaldSmall town declared drought zone for 8 consecutive years.

Still Just for fun starting this year, A The large artificial lake was excavated only for marine enjoyment. 1 km long, 500 m wide and 400 million liters of water is directly absorbed from the daily drying ground water.

And to push environmental degradation further, the city decided to organize a motorboat race. 40 racing cars compete, from speedboats to powerful jet engines Who consumes each one 6.5 liter of petrol per run.

It was 36 degrees that day. As every day, the water in the artificial lake evaporates. A pump must constantly fill the lake so that it does not empty. But the colonel Hansen, Deputy Mayor Bargalin, Don’t see where the problem is: The government funded the draining of the lake and now it would be foolish not to fill it.

The city sits on a large groundwater table: the Great Artesian Basin, the only significant water reserve on the Australian continent.It took 2 million years of rain to fill it. But today the reservoir is empty.

If the Colonel isn’t afraid to dive into those stocks, it’s because he doesn’t really believe in climate change.: I think this is a cycle that our planet goes through. I find that hard to believe It doesThat is climate change. So we can use belowIt is a gold mine.

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