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Le Pannier Blue: $16 million thrown into the fire!

Le Pannier Blue: $16 million thrown into the fire!

In April 2020, the CAQ government launched the famous Blue Basket. “Le Panier Bleu offers an alternative to Quebec for international e-commerce giants,” according to the organization’s website.

In the beginning, the Quebec platform was not just about transactions, it was just a showcase. The tool has improved over time, but it must be said that it has been a waste of time and a waste of money.

Additionally, at the beginning of the week we learned that Les Produits du Québec had reached an agreement with Amazon. The American giant will now select products from here. So, there is no need for the blue bin anymore, you need to put it in the trash quickly.

7% is minimal

In 2022, the Digital Transformation Academy's NETendances 2022 report showed that Quebecers used Le Panier Bleu for 7% of their purchase volume.

Of course, Amazon came in first place with 46%, while the websites of Quebec, Canadian and foreign merchants represented 47% of the purchase volume.

This study shows us very clearly that Quebec did not need the blue basket. Why do politicians rack their brains trying to create tools or programs we don't need?

What's even more ridiculous is that Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon admitted Tuesday that Amazon is “a very good platform where many Quebec companies want to be.”


Now, our elected officials must make Le Panier Bleu an example that should not be followed. Quebecers are open to the world. They frequent and use the same sites as English Canadians or Americans.

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We may say that Quebec is a distinct society, but when we talk about buying products online, we are actually North American.

When Eric Girard presents his deficit budget in the spring, remember that the government wasted $16 million for nothing on Le Panier Bleu.