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Lack of infant milk in the United States, or sovereignty reversed

Lack of infant milk in the United States, or sovereignty reversed

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This is a crazy story, a symbol of this new reality of the post-Govt Western economy: it is scarcity. In the United States, the world’s leading economic power, babies have no milk powder (“baby formula” in English). If you are currently saddened to find empty oil and mustard shelves in your supermarket, imagine the amazement of American parents, for example. Web light, Is sometimes forced into the D system to feed the baby. They find solutions by mobilizing on social networks where the boxes are still sold in stores, and everyone is looking for home production efforts.

This situation has been going on for several weeks – the first ration operations in supermarkets start from mid-April – and it is still six to eight weeks. The New York Times Believing that will return to normal.

Baby milk shelves across the Atlantic are empty or almost empty. Ping Quan / Reuters

What happened ? Bacterial pollution is a problem

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