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Labor shortages: are robots the answer?

Labor shortages: are robots the answer?

Investissement Québec intends to invest in Québec companies, in order to enable them to acquire technologies, to revive the economy.

To combat labor shortages, Investissement Québec will provide funding for “innovative projects” for SMEs.

“Liggo seeks to accelerate digital transformation, and increase the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec,” explained Antoine Broteau, CEO of Liggo, one of the companies that received these grants.

Diversity of aid

This investment, identified last year, was divided into several types of loans, with varying terms.

“The investment in APN Liggo is part of the Productivity Innovation Initiative program, which was created in September 2020 to encourage companies to invest in innovative projects,” said Bicha Ngo, Senior Vice President of Special Assignments at Investissement Quebec.

“We want to ensure that Quebec companies are more competitive, and that competitiveness depends on innovation, and therefore robotics, automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence,” he added.I survive.

La robotisation, no solution?

The choice of Quebec raised questions for many. While it can cover labor shortages and ease the burden on employers, robots can also close job opportunities.

“This helps with the burden of labor shortages, automation moves certain jobs, and makes it possible to fill jobs that could not have been filled before,” said Antoine Broteau.

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