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Battery sector: Ford will settle in Picancourt

TVA Nouvelles has learned that the automaker Ford has made preparations for the construction of the cathode plant in Bécancour.

It has not been officially announced that Ford will be based in the area, but two sources indicated that the manufacturer will settle on a huge plot of land north of Interstate 30, where the deforestation began.

The factory that the American company expected, in partnership with two South Korean companies, would represent an investment of one billion dollars, and it has been possible to read about it in various articles in recent months.

“You’ll understand I can’t confirm that. I can’t announce, but there is clearly a lot of interest by many companies for the industrial park. It is possible that we license development work on the land, but from It’s really too early to make announcements.”

The same silence for Investissement Québec, which “will not make any comment on this file,” we said via a written message.

Bécancour Industrial and Port Park is no more talkative. Minister [de l’Économie et de l’Innovation] Pierre Fitzgibbon has already said he will have announcements to make in the coming months,” at most suggested CEO Donald Olivier.

Ford will be the sixth player in the battery sector in Picancourt along with GM-Posco, Nemaska ​​Lithium, BASF, Nouveau Monde Graphite and most likely Brazilian Vale, which is active in nickel processing.

Suddenly, activity in the Bikankur industrial area has reached a boiling point.

“You know, it’s an industrial park. We often forgot about it in passing. All you could see were plantations of trees. One day, we knew it was going to develop, but how would it develop? We didn’t know and there’s the battery sector.” [est arrivée]. The government has taken a trend, ”notes MRC Prefect de Becancourt Mario Leone.

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