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Krizalid signs new Terrebonne website |  Esarta information

Krizalid signs new Terrebonne website | Esarta information

January 10, 2024

Kryzalid successfully completed the website redesign for the City of Terrebonne, taking into account several goals related to user experience and technology performance. The new visual identity of the site reflects the core values ​​of the city, being polished and dynamic, while following current trends in web design and respecting Terrebonne graphic standards.

The site's primary target audiences include residents of all ages, new citizens, tourists, partners, businesses, and organizations, as well as internal audiences such as employees and elected officials. The new site's mission is not only to captivate users with amazing visual appeal, but also to provide convenience, ergonomics and ease of use. It aims to attract tourists and potential future residents, while enhancing a sense of pride and belonging among current residents. One of the main goals is to meet the needs of citizens by focusing on navigation and content that adapts to their reality, and not to the internal structure of the city.

A focus on user experience was at the heart of this redesign. In the fall of 2021, the City of Terrebonne launched a comprehensive consultation process, including interviews, surveys and workshops. It also called for a company specializing in user experience to design the content architecture and create specific functional models, which were then validated through user tests.

Our agency improved and finalized the work already carried out before continuing its mission. The city's call for bids included a technical recommendations document to guide development of the new site. At the same time, our team created wireframes and developed specifications aimed at documenting all site functions and interactions. He then served as a guide to our team during the development process. So part of the work was to align the recommendations we received with our specifications.

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The chosen technology is based on WordPress, with a custom theme powered by the Gutenberg content editor (native to WordPress). This technology is the most widespread on the web and offers the advantage of allowing future development of the site without the need to replace the management platform and its data. The site stands out for its performance, ease of consultation, security, search engine optimization and mobile adaptability in response to predominantly mobile citizen consultations. All of this contributes to providing a great user experience.

Residency requirements are among the highest we have received. We worked in collaboration with our partner Syspark to meet the mentioned needs in terms of hosting service capacity, proposed infrastructure, security audit and turnkey outsourcing.

Terrebonne is part of the administrative district of Lanaudière and the regional municipality of Les Moulins. It is one of 82 municipalities that make up the Metropolitan Community of Montreal. After the first merger of the municipalities of Terrebonne and Saint-Louis-de-Terrebonne in 1985, the city of Terrebonne as we know it today resulted from the merger of the municipalities of Terrebonne, Lachenay and La Plaine in 2001. The population now stands at more than 100,000, making it the tenth largest city in Quebec, with an area of About 150 square kilometers along the Mille Ele River.