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News – College of Science and Engineering

News – College of Science and Engineering

College of Science and Engineering Entrepreneurship Yulaval We are thrilled to welcome Emily Cloutier to their teams as a Technology and Science Entrepreneurship Development Consultant!

Emily holds a PhD in Physics from FSG and was able to take advantage of advances in optics and photonics to develop a new generation of measurement instruments for the field of cancer treatment via radiotherapy.

Co-inventor of two patented technologies and author of six scientific articles, the most recent of which appeared in the popular journal Nature, she is also a graduate of the Clinical Residency Program in Medical Physics at McGill University. In 2023, the Quebec Society of Clinical Physicians awarded her the Jean Beaulieu Award as well as being recognized in 2022 by the American Society for Medical Physics as one of 16 emerging leaders in the field.

With her understanding of the issues facing startups working in science and technology as well as her scientific background, she will be able to support FSG students in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

In her position since December 4, Emily works more specifically to:

  • Promote scientific entrepreneurship;
  • Enhance the research and technological maturity of FSG's commercial projects;
  • Activate the entrepreneurial potential of FSG's strong sectors;
  • Participate in the EGGENIUS Scholarship award process.

Do you have an entrepreneurial project to share with him or questions to ask him? Contact Emily at [email protected].

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