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We are interested in the 2024 GMC Terrain;  Should we buy it?

We are interested in the 2024 GMC Terrain; Should we buy it?

“We consider GMC Terrain Because we find it very beautiful, but we want to know what you think about it. This will be the car to replace our 2016 Mazda CX-9 that we have had reliability issues, and at the same time we hope to reduce our travel expenses while having a reliable car in the long term. » – Maxim


Hi Maxime,

The GMC Terrain is not an uninteresting vehicle. You mentioned that his method works, and you are right. However, for a 2024 model year, especially when compared to other vehicles available in this class, it no longer holds up when other aspects are considered.

2024 GMC Terrain Denali Image provided by: GMC

For example, its only engine available, a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, delivers just 175 horsepower. Of course, the 203 pound-feet of torque helps, but the engine is still sluggish. The quality of the interior finish is also disappointing, with hard plastics of fairly average quality. The interior space is not improved either. Finally, the car has reached the end of its journey under its current generation, which means that a new generation of GMC Terrain will be unveiled in the coming months. In short, there are better places elsewhere.

other options

There is no shortage of competent choices in this category. If you want to reduce the cost of ownership as much as possible, it is recommended to consider hybrid cars. Consider the Ford Escape hybrid, Honda CR-V hybrid, Kia Sportage hybrid, Hyundai Tucson hybrid, or Toyota RAV4 hybrid. The Toyota RAV4 is the most economical car, but uncertainty about the reliability of the high-voltage cable to the rear electric motor leads me to recommend you avoid it.

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Honda CR-V Hybrid 2024 1
Honda CR-V Hybrid 2024 Photo courtesy of: Honda

The Ford Escape is fuel efficient, but its finish quality leaves something to be desired, and its long-term durability is questionable. For its part, the South Korean duo is interesting for its reliability, fuel economy compared to the gasoline version and the quality of its cabin. On the other hand, it is the most energy consuming, even if it is a hybrid.

However, the Honda CR-V has more fuel-efficient and more refined mechanicals, while offering a cabin of similar quality. Its resale value is sure to be among the best of the bunch as well, considering it's a Honda. But the CR-V is also more expensive than all the other cars and, more importantly, is only available in the most expensive versions with the hybrid engine.

GMC Terrain 2024 1
GMC Terrain 2024 Image provided by: GMC

Despite everything, he would be my choice in this category, for his strong rational qualities. Its resale value will be excellent, its predictable reliability is good, and its interior space is generous. It may be the most expensive, but overall, over a long period, it will be one of the cheapest things you can own, if you take into account its resale value.

Plug-in hybrid option

However, please note that we should not neglect the hybrid versions of South Korean vehicles. The latter are certainly more expensive than the hybrid versions, but their eligibility for government loans will reduce their prices to levels similar to those of the regular hybrid version. Additionally, the 50-kilometre electric range will allow you to do a good portion, if not all of your daily trips, in all-electric mode. So this is another option that should not be overlooked, if you have the possibility of connecting your car at home.

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