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Kevin Owens: It all started with VHS

Kevin Owens: It all started with VHS

Denis Lévesque is back on the small screen with a series that traces the history of LCN, an ongoing news channel that celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023.

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This week, the host takes a look at the phenomenal journey of Quebec Kevin Owens, a WWE wrestler with an impressive career.

Kevin Owens at the age of eleven was addicted to wrestling. It all started with a VHS tape rented from the Marieville Video Club where he lived.

“I was intrigued from the start and knew that’s what I have to do in life,” Owens says in an interview with Dennis Levesque.

Rather than curb his enthusiasm, his parents instead encouraged him to indulge his newfound passion, and he went so far as to find him a wrestling school.

Classes at Saint-Césaire started great.

“Several times a week we wrestled in the barn, and on one occasion the barn collapsed and the school closed,” the wrestler recalls with a laugh.

At the age of 14, he arrived at Jacques Rojo’s Pro-Gym wrestling school where he learned all the basics of the trade that would guide him through his 22-year career.

In addition to going to school and work, it multiplies fights here and there, especially in the United States. These evenings, which pay very little, will allow to see and know him.

“I made enough noise that a person named Triple H. in the end [dans la WWE] She heard about me and gave me the opportunity to break through,” Owens recalls.

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This is where his career finally managed to take off.