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Kent Hughes: What a popular rating!

Kent Hughes: What a popular rating!

Kent Hughes moved from shadow to light in an instant.

Almost unknown to the public at the start of the week, he became a major public figure overnight when he accepted the position of general manager for the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday.

Since his appointment, Hughes has gained notoriety and thus popularity. So that the lucky winner of CH is seen as a good choice by the vast majority of supporters, whatever the requirement.

This was revealed by the results of the survey conducted on our website. To the question “Are you satisfied with the appointment of Kent Hughes as the new Managing Director of The Canadians?” , at least 75.5% of people answered “yes”. The sample is large, with more than 5,500 votes collected.

Like what public opinion can change very quickly!

As recently as January 5, Hughes received just 3.7% of the vote when asked “Who is your favorite candidate for Canadian GM?”.

At the time, Patrick Roy was the most popular answer with 42.4%. Matteo Darci (21.6%) is the closest to the legendary goalkeeper. The other proposed nominees are: Stephane Quintal (10.6%), Mark Dennis (8%), Emily Castongway (6%), Hughes (3.7%), Daniel Sauvago (2.8%), Daniel Brier (2.6%) and Roberto. Longo (2.4%).

We hope the new CEO of CH maintains his rating for as long as possible.

In the video above, watch Hughes’ interview with TVA Sports Saturday night in Denver.

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