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Kayden Primeau will be the starting goaltender against the Flames tonight

Kayden Primeau will be the starting goaltender against the Flames tonight

The Canadian will face the Calgary Flames this evening. For this occasion, the club did not hold morning training, but a few players still jumped on the ice.

Often times, it is the reserves and starting goalkeeper who go there.

And while many expected to see Samuel Montembault play the second straight game against Montreal… instead, it was Cayden Primeau who ran the opening routine.

Finally, the Canadian confirmed the news: Primo is indeed the starting goalkeeper.

In defence, Jayden Strobel replaces Jonathan Kovacevic.

Primo's departure this evening therefore means that since the departure of Jake Allen, City's two goalkeepers will rotate in each of the four matches.

If some were hoping to see Samuel Montembault get the bulk of the starts, that doesn't appear to be the case at the moment.

Jonathan Kovacevic, who was in uniform in the last game, practiced with the other additional players (Jesse Ilonen, Michael Peseta and Christian Dvorak, who travels West with the team).

Thus, Strobel is back in the lineup, while Jordan Harris retains his spot after a strong outing against the Bruins on Thursday night.

One could almost wonder if these three will be part of the rotation in some games.

On the attacking side, the same 12 forwards will be in uniform. Peseta and Ylonen will be ruled out, while Dvorak, whose season is over, will likely be there to continue his rehabilitation. It's good to see that he's able to skate with his teammates.

So we will see if Primo will be able to put in a good performance in addition to the one he had against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday night. Closing 41 again would be nice, wouldn't it?


I wonder if we'll eventually see Samuel Montembault get the majority of the starts in town. After all, he is viewed as the No. 1 goalkeeper in the organization, and one wonders if the club should have given him the opportunity to play more games.

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Meanwhile, with Primo dominating the Blue Jackets on Tuesday, perhaps giving him a game tonight was a way to reward him.