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Kate and William 'relieved' by Harry's departure for America: New revelations…

Kate and William ‘relieved’ by Harry’s departure for America: New revelations…

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have returned to their home country of the United States after two weeks of mandatory presence in the United Kingdom. A stay that didn’t allow Harry and his brother to pick up the pieces. Journalist Katie Nicholl, an expert on the royal family, has published new information on this “Mexit” In a forthcoming book.

The period of peace is over. After A grand state funeral Of the late Queen of England, her children and grandchildren can finally Grieving in a very personal way, and especially return to their professions. If a semblance of a union appears Some family photosNot sure what the situation is Between the two Princes William and Harry and their wives Take it easy. A new book of revelations is about to be published, and its author, specialist journalist Katie Nicholl, reveals the details of how. Kate and William will cash in on Mexit in 2020 : For her, they would have felt certain “Due Removal”as The Daily Mail reveals.

Due to quarrels and misunderstandings, the life of the four became unlivable: the relationship between William and Harry was analyzed from all sides, each of their appearances received negative comments from the press. And the enemy brothers could no longer act. According to Katie Nicholl, George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis I thought Meghan and Harry were leaving for America. “Problems Will End”. This is not really the case: Interview with the couple Oprah Winfrey Adding fuel to the fire, constant complaints about their safety irritated Buckingham And Harry’s upcoming memoir Next year, don’t make relationships easy. According to Katie Nicholl, Prince Harry reportedly had tea with his father and Camilla last March.Recommends that the new king hire a “Mediator to fix things”. Camilla would have spit out her tea deliciously…

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Unwanted Sussexes in America

Meghan and Harry are no more famous in their country of residence than the royal family. According to published information Express September 21, 2022, Parents of Archie and Lilibet Not particularly popular in Hollywood and America will begin to withdraw the couple. “Harry and Meghan lack red carpet charisma, commitment and charm”Journalist Cara Kennedy would have confirmed the observer. Light-obsessed couples take advantage of every occasion, drawing attention to themselves and displeasing the organizers of the various evenings to which they may be invited. Meghan and Harry will be reduced to opening doors Their Montecito mansion for the cameras Netflix should be. A very unclear future for the brother of the heir to the crown.

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