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Congress modernizes election law to prevent presidents from changing elections

Congress modernizes election law to prevent presidents from changing elections

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday, September 21, voted in favor of modernizing a 135-year-old US law, with allies of Donald Trump trying in vain to reverse the decision, taking advantage of it. November 2020 Presidential Election.

Fifty days before the US midterm elections, election reform proposals are back in the US Congress. For good reason, many Republican candidates still refuse to recognize Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

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The new text removes the ambiguity about the position of the Vice President of the United States in the certificate of presidential election results, limiting it to a purely symbolic role. On January 6, 2021, thousands of Donald Trump supporters rushed the Capitol to try to force Vice President Mike Pence and senators to reverse the election’s outcome, a way for elected officials.

Plan to compete in the Senate

“This bill would prevent Congress from illegally electing a president.”, supported one of its editors, elected Republican Liz Cheney. He is one of the few from the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) to agree to sit on a US congressional commission that has been investigating the former president’s role in the attack on Capitol Hill for more than a year. All Democrats voted in favor of his speech, supported by only nine Republicans; It was adopted (229 votes in favor and 203 votes against).

A competing bill is also being debated in the Senate, with a slightly better chance of success, as ten Republican senators voted in favor of it, which theoretically has the sixty votes needed to defeat a filibuster. “Blocks”.

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Both of these election reform plans are nowhere near as comprehensive as Joe Biden’s pledge to protect African Americans’ access to the ballot. Republican opposition rose against the proposal in June 2021, which ensured that it gave Democrats the right to control elections across the country.

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