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Juraj Slavkovski must continue to build on his confidence

Juraj Slavkovski must continue to build on his confidence

Right now, Juraj Slavkovski doesn’t know which training camp he was hoping for.

I say now, because it is still too early to reach a final conclusion. until Martin St. Louis did not want to get wet when he talked about his student Because the sample is simply too thin.

He was ‘right’ against the Devils on Monday and will have a chance to bounce back this evening, as CH faces the Senators at the Bell Center.

He will play on the wing of Kirby Dutch and Rafael Harvey Benard, allowing him to get good looks offensively.

However, even though it is more difficult right now… Slav is still confident and that is his greatest strength.

When he talks to reporters, we see that he believes in his abilities and that is what will allow him to become the player he wants to be in the National League. In the locker room, we also notice his unwavering confidence, and he must continue to focus on this aspect.

Because that is his greatest strength now.

Confidence is a quality that is difficult to develop.

You either have it or you don’t. Clearly, this is an aspect that can be worked on in any human being.

But it’s really not a problem for Slavkovsky, and that’s the good news.

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Now, that confidence…he has to find a way to translate it to the ice. He has to trust his size and instincts, otherwise it will still be very difficult.

Feel good, play well.

I said it in a recent text, but his offensive production isn’t important this year. Above all, he must develop as a player, and at the end of next season, we should be able to see his progress.

Whether playing in Montreal, or Laval.

Furthermore, it is up to Martin St. Louis to find a way for his player to maintain the same mentality when things go wrong. The coach is good with his players at this level, but this seems to be even more true with Slav since we are talking about the first overall pick.

Easier said than done, but St. Louis needs to create a suitable role for him to feel comfortable on the ice. By placing him in an attacking trio, by placing him with teammates who will allow him to shine…

There are ways. You just have to find them.

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-The Flames have a new leader.

– Oh? 👀

-Auston Matthews working on his baseball swing.

-He must find a solution in order to stay healthy.

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-Things are going badly anyway.