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Soon, the Panthers show, Ben Shearot?

Soon, the Panthers show, Ben Shearot?

The Florida Panthers could bid to the Montreal Canadiens to acquire defenseman Ben Shearoot.

This is what famous journalist Pierre Lebrun reported on Saturday afternoon on TSN.

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“From what I heard, the Panthers appreciate Kiarot,” he said. They wouldn’t be the only ones in the race to get his services, most of the Stanley Cup contenders, including the Panthers in my opinion, would put Kiarot on their target list. These teams will at least want to try to get them.

“I think the Panthers will reach out to Canadians by March 21 to find out what kind of offer is needed to get it. In the end, there will be half a dozen teams interested in it.”

Chiarot is one of 14 Canadian players currently under the National Hockey League’s COVID-19 protocol.

The powerful 30-year-old defender could change his title by the deal deadline knowing he’ll be clearing the rocks on July 1. The last year of the decade has already passed with an average annual value of $3.5 million.

Chiarot has scored seven points, including five goals, in 31 games this season. It also has a differential of -11.

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