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Julien Listel’s ballet performance: Misatango

Julien Listel’s ballet performance: Misatango

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Julien Listel’s ballet: Misatango – Bolero, a performance that can be seen at Joué-lès-Tours (Espace Malraux)April 2, 2024. All practical information (prices, tickets, seating chart) for this show can be found on this page. Book your ticket now for this show at Joué-lès-Tours!

Malraux Space – Jouet-les-Tours (R2020-/005068/005065/005066) makes this offer. Julien Listel’s ballet presents Misatango and Bolero. Julien Listel is part of a new generation of acclaimed French choreographers. The ballet company directed by Julien Liestl brings together twelve talented dancers and includes in its repertoire around twenty creations known in France and abroad.

Music: Martin Palmieri
Duration: 45 minutes
This Misatango consists of the same movements as the Classical Latin Mass, mixed with the harmonics and syncopated rhythms of the Tango. Created in 1996, Misatango (“Mass in Buenos Aires”) has enjoyed international success: it was performed in 2013 at the Vatican in honor of Pope Francis, at Carnegie Hall in New York in April 2016, and recorded by Michel Piquemal in France.

Martin Palmieri composes wonderful and powerful music that transcends the sacred vocal repertoire through the contribution of Latin American musical traditions, in particular those of his country of origin: Argentina.

Music: Maurice Ravel
Duration: 15 minutes
As for Maurice Ravel’s famous score, composed for the ballet in 1928, the choreography echoes this work consisting of a theme and counter-theme supported by a sustained orchestral crescendo. Thanks to the fluid and sensual movements, the dance responds to the music and we can appreciate each person’s talent as well as the harmony in the overall dynamic.

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Inspired by Spanish-Arabic themes, the melody caresses the dance and transports it to a timeless world where the dancers allow themselves to be carried away by the hypnotic rhythm. Precise and delicate movement gives way to powerful gestures evoked by collective mimicry. Each dancer, in turn, enters this captivating vortex by abandoning physical, even physical, choreography.

  • Bolero: “Classic, contemporary and breathtaking bolero.” – Provence
  • Misatango: “We will not hesitate to speak here of a masterpiece. Julian Liestl has achieved this feat of creating a highly contemporary choreography while not denying the memory of the masters who came before him.” —Paolo Farges, Dance

Booking for people with limited mobility: 02 47 53 61 61 (Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

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