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Dog vaccine frequency  Scientific Press Agency

Dog vaccine frequency Scientific Press Agency

According to a survey conducted in March and April this year among 2,200 of these owners and published August 26 in the scientific journal to feedWe should now be talking about “dog vaccine hesitancy,” with all the risks it entails for our four-legged companions, and for the diseases transmitted between them and us.

More than a third (37%) of dog owners believe that vaccination is unsafe, 22% believe it is ineffective, and 30% do not believe it is necessary.

Online survey Made in 2021 Among veterinarians in the United States and Canada have indicated that they are already seeing a change in attitudes, With which many relate to the anti-vaccine movement.

The new study even identified a myth that one might have thought was limited to humans: Nearly 40% expressed concern that vaccines could cause their dogs to develop autism.

The newspaper asked him USA TodayOne of the three authors sees it as a result of the fears surrounding Covid: “I think the Covid vaccine has fundamentally changed the way Americans view vaccination in general.”

In fact, last year, there was talk of the risk of increased concerns about vaccines in general as a result of the pandemic. But those who mentioned this danger were talking more about children’s vaccines against measles, for example, and not dog vaccines…

In addition, the vast majority of people have never experienced an animal being a victim of rabies: psychologically, this leads to an underestimation of the importance of vaccines compared to previous generations.

all over the planet, 99% Tens of thousands of rabies deaths in humans have been transmitted by dogs. However, in a country like the United States, hardly Sixty Cases of rabies in dogs are reported every year.

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