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Journey to the Moon: India wants to send a man there by 2040

Journey to the Moon: India wants to send a man there by 2040

The Indian authorities announced ambitious plans for their space program, with the aim of sending an astronaut to the moon and establishing a space station by 2040. This announcement was made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which represents a significant acceleration in the country’s ambitions towards space. program.

This statement comes as India prepares to conduct a crucial test flight for its first manned space mission. Narendra Modi highlighted the success of India’s previous space initiatives and called for the adoption of ambitious new goals. These goals include establishing the Bharatiya Antariksha (Indian Space Station) by 2035 and sending the first Indian astronaut to the moon by 2040.

The Prime Minister also urged the Indian Space Agency to come up with a plan for a series of lunar missions. India has already made notable achievements in space, including landing near the lunar south pole in 2019, and launching a spacecraft to study the sun’s outer layers a month later.

In 2014, India became the first Asian country to put a satellite into orbit around Mars, and in 2017, the Indian Space Agency set a record by launching 104 satellites in one mission. India is currently focusing on its first manned space mission, called Gaganyaan.


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